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Using evidence-based techniques and best practices, a Works of Wonder therapist will work one-on-one in your home to develop your child’s strengths and needs. Each plan will be individualized to your child and will focus on teaching skills such as language, imitation, motor movements, academics, play, school readiness and self-care or grooming, as required.

Not all skills and lessons can be taught effectively in a one-to-one environment. Using natural environment teaching methods, Works of Wonder therapists can provide support to students in classroom settings to help students follow the classroom rules and expectations while developing friendships and social skills. The Works of Wonder team can also make suggestions and recommendations as to what tools, strategies or modifications can be made in to make the classroom the most suitable learning environment for your child.

Caring for a child is a rewarding but overwhelming task. At times, any family could use support and guidance. Works of Wonder facilitates caregiver and family meetings in order to develop consistency in households. Working closely with caregivers, behaviour plans are developed which help families navigate their way through difficult periods or strengthen already established parenting methods. ​

Works of Wonder specializes in working with children who require support in developing their self-regulation skills, understanding emotions, and building social skills. Using strategies rooted in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, and Applied Behaviour Analysis, a Works of Wonder therapist will work weekly with your child in your home in order to teach these valuable life skills through discussion, play and role playing.

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What our clients say

Aviva and her team have been working with my daughter for over 5 years.  Aviva Is exceptionally talented at helping to provide strategies and perspective on how to manage my daughters anxiety and in coaching my husband and I on how to best support her in our family dynamic.


Over the years we found her programming stimulated a constant progression of my son’s skills. Her hands-on sessions were so fun that often my older son wished he was the one spending time with her.  Aviva’s passion and energy for what she does transferred to our other IBI therapists.  Her positive outlook fueled us and motivated us to keep going.


It is rare to find a person who is not only very competent in one's work but who also possesses a great amount of commitment and sincerity. We are very pleased to say that Aviva has all of these wonderful qualities and more. She has taken a close personal stake in the well being of our son, grandson and nephew, and he continues to progress under her guidance. If there are other families in need, we wholeheartedly recommend Aviva's services and the benefit they can provide.


Aviva is the work of wonder. She helps everyone.

Age 7